Apocalypse and Express coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War League play tomorrow

Get ready to see the best compete on two new maps.

Image via Activision

Treyarch announced today Apocalypse and Express will be added to the Call of Duty League map pool tomorrow. The developer also hinted there will be some weapon tuning coming in the next major update. 

Express is a fan-favorite map that first appeared in Black Ops II. The iconic map recently returned in Cold War, and fans can see pros compete on the map in Stage Two of the Call of Duty League. Apocalypse, a new map added to Cold War in February, will also be added to League Play. 

Professional players recently started practicing on Apocalypse before the map was officially added to the map pool. Express was previously a Search and Destroy map in competitive play, and the map still provides a competitive experience. 

Apocalypse is a relatively small map with tight hallways that will likely be entertaining to watch and play. Veteran Call of Duty fans likely remember the iconic gameplay on Express, and new fans will get to enjoy a new generation competing on the map. 

Apocalypse Hardpoint will replace Crossroads Hardpoint, and Express Search and Destroy will replace Garrison Search and Destroy. It is unclear if other maps will eventually join the map pool, but fans would likely enjoy other classic maps appearing. 

Treyarch did not explicitly state which weapons would be adjusted in the next major update but confirmed it is a “full tuning pass.”

Stage Two of the Call of Duty League starts on March 18th.