All Fortune’s Keep: Cursed Ground rewards in Warzone

The name might be cursed, but the loot isn't.

Image via Activision

Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep is the home of the Cursed Ground event, which started on July 18. The event improves the overall gaming experience in Fortune’s Keep as players will also have the option to participate in it to unlock premium loot.

Players will need to interact with one of the Cursed Chests to start the event. These chests can spawn at five landmarks on the map: Grotto, Church, Winery, Keep, and Town. When players interact with a Cursed Chest, they’ll need to kill the zombies around it to gather Wisps. The zombies will become stronger with each wave, but most should easily go down with a couple of headshots. Players can open a Cursed Chest once they accumulate 25 Wisps.

The Cursed Ground rewards in Warzone

The Cursed Chests feature premium loot. Each chest contains random loot, but the following are likely to appear in almost all Cursed Chests. The rewards are the following:

  • Killstreaks
  • Equipment
  • Perk tokens
  • Specialist bonuses
  • Cash

Regardless of your luck with the loot, the Cursed Chests are worth the effort. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates since there will be other squads on the map that will also be after the Cursed Chests. The race to the chests can be dangerous, and there may be others looking to hunt down Cursed Chest survivors to poach their loot. This means you won’t have much time to sort the loot and distribute it amongst your teammates, as your new prime objective will be to survive and leave the landmark.