Twitter launches NFT profile photos

Twitter has added a new feature.

Image via Twitter

Twitter Blue announced that users with the subscription service will be able to add NFT avatars as their profile pictures. This is the latest offering from the platform’s relatively new $3-per-month subscription.

NFTs have proliferated across Twitter, as countless users have adopted artwork from surging NFT creators, though this is the platform’s biggest push into the emerging space. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are intended to act as vouchers of ownership and authenticity for digitally created goods, which are tracked with blockchains, effectively a digital ledger.

These NFT profile pictures will be distinguishable from regular profile pictures as Twitter Blue is implementing hexagonal profile borders. The announcement video featured users updating their profile pictures from extensive NFT collections available on the app.

To set up NFT profile pictures, users will need to connect their Twitter accounts with a public cryptocurrency wallet. This association will give allow Twitter access to all crypto transactions and holdings, including NFTs. From here, Twitter Blue subscribers can select the NFT of their choice in the usual ‘Edit Profile’ option.

Currently, the NFT rollout is only supported on the iOS Twitter app, not yet available on either the desktop or Android versions. So far the announcement has been met with harsh reception from the Twitter community at large. Though many have expressed their distaste for the move, others have taken more drastic measures to avoid NFTs on the platform.

The Better TweetDeck browser extension has already added an option to mute all users with NFT profile pictures. While the platform’s users may have expressed disinterest in the newly-minted profile customization options, Twitter seems to be in full support of creating more options for NFTs.