GEICO moves into esports, sponsors TSM and Hearthstone tourney

One of the biggest companies in America is diving into esports

Illustration by Fernando Alfonso III

One of the biggest companies in America is diving into esports. The Government Employees Insurance Company, better known as GEICO, is sponsoring Team SoloMid and a One Nation of Gamers (ONOG) Hearthstone tournament series.

It’s the first time GEICO has entered gaming, and it’s doing it through esports.

“I’ve always admired GEICO’s commitment to having a meaningful involvement in traditional sports,” Andy “Reginald” Dinh, Team SoloMid owner, said. “We’re thrilled they’re bringing that level of dedication to the gaming space.”

GEICO sponsors the Germain Racing team in NASCAR, for example, making the competitive gaming scene—esports—a natural entry place for the company.

The ONOG Summer Circuit begins on June 6 and culminates with a finals at PAX Prime in August, with a total of $60,000 up for grabs to the best Hearthstone card slingers out there.

“GEICO is one of the largest insurance companies in the US, and their involvement in eSports highlights just how pervasive gaming culture has become in everyday life,” Deric Ortiz, ONOG founder, says.

It’s always an encouraging sign when a mainstream brand takes a dive into esports. It’s tangible evidence that the reach and viability of what used to be a niche segment of the gaming market has reached new heights, and that there are even higher places to go, once big money companies enter the space.