Team Secret reveals branded beer called AFK

A first for every gamer's thirst.

Screengrab via Team Secret

Global esports brand Team Secret has extended its reach by revealing a new branded craft beer. The beer, called AFK, is now available to consumers. 

AFK is the world’s first esports branded alcoholic beverage, according to Team Secret’s official website. The beer is aimed at capturing gaming culture by appealing to casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

Brewed in partnership with Levante Brewery, AFK is classified as an unfiltered IPA that boasts both Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops. Levante and Team Secret’s collaboration can be immediately found in esports venues, lounges, bars, and restaurants, according to the organization. AFK was sampled by media and influencers within the esports community at The International in Shanghai last month. 

With worldwide availability, AFK will likely appear in many esports arenas in the coming months. Secret’s move to become the first esports organization to roll out a branded alcoholic beverage is a big push into uncharted territory for the industry. The Overwatch League has notably journeyed into the world of alcoholic beverage sponsorship with its partnership with Budweiser, but that’s about as far as the industry has gone into that realm. 

While it’s common for musicians or bands to collaborate with breweries to create branded beers, such as with Belching Beaver’s Deftones collaboration, this is a definite first for the esports industry. Secret may have just marked itself as one of the most forward-thinking esports organizations in the scene. If AFK is successful, fans will likely see more esports branded alcoholic beverages in the future. 

It’s unclear if AFK will make it to regular retail and distribution. For now, it looks like if fans want to go AFK, then they’ll have to make a trip to their local esports venue and check if the beer is in stock.