Sony files patent for advertisements in PSVR

Users playing PSVR to get immersed in the game could soon have that experience taken away based on a patent filed by Sony.

Image via Sony

Sony could be looking to implement advertisements into virtual reality experiences based on a newly-filed patent, first reported by SegmentNext, that indicates the company’s intentions for PSVR.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a document on June 25 from Sony showing off examples of how VR advertising could be implemented into the viewing experience. 

In the examples shown on the document, an advertisement banner would be placed at the edges of the user’s vision or in the top center of the screen. The display of these advertisements would change based on the position of the user’s head, according to the documents, similar to how the game’s display changes based on where the user looks.

Image via U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The text indicates these advertisements could be used like display ads on a web page. The ads would include content different from the main source and would guide users to things like games, concerts, and other content. 

Filing the patent indicates Sony is researching and developing this technology, but it doesn’t mean it will work or implement it in this manner. Companies file patents all the time to try to gain intellectual property to prevent other companies from making, using, or even selling those ideas for periods of time.

While it’s unclear if Sony will bring these advertisements to your headset display, it could be—and likely is—coming.