New Regulatory Congress seeks to set global standards in the esports industry

Key figures in esports will meet in Barcelona this September.

Image via Esports Regulatory Congress

The rules and standards that govern the esports industry are either inconsistent, constantly changing, or, in some cases, non-existent. From media rights to player contracts, global standards simply don’t exist. That’s beginning to change, however. For the first time, an event will bring together key industry stakeholders to start the conversation about esports regulations. 

The new Esports Regulatory Congress will convene in Barcelona from Sept. 23 to 24. The congress will be the first in an ongoing series of conferences that will take place all over the world and address the crucial issues facing esports. 

This Esports Regulatory Congress plans to bring key figures together to develop a united set of rules that the industry and community can follow. And it’s not just a meeting for those at the top of the business ladder, either. The congress is bringing in representatives from media outlets, legal professionals, players, team officials, and other enthusiasts who want to keep esports a strong, unified front. Confirmed speakers so far include Anna Baumann, the managing director of Rogue Sports, and Chester King, the CEO of the British Esports Association, among others. 

One of the main topics will be the regulation of esports in regards to athletes, organizations, and tournaments as the scene grows and becomes more prominent in daily business and media. Other topics will include investments, general integrity, media rights protection, and education.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets for the first-of-its-kind international regulation event are available here

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