H3cz says he’s fighting to keep the OpTic brand alive

OpTic’s owner doesn’t want to lose his brand.

Screengrab via OpticNation/YouTube

Hector “H3cz” Rodriguez, owner and CEO of OpTic Gaming, is doing what he can to keep control of his brand—even as Immortals is working to acquire Infinite Esports and Entertainment, the parent company of OpTic

If the deal goes through, all the teams controlled by Infinite Esports and Entertainment will be transferred to Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), the company’s new name since May 1 (it rebranded after buying Gamers Club, a Brazilian matchmaking platform).

H3cz didn’t offer any specifics on Twitter but hinted he doesn’t want to lose his teams. “I don’t have an update at the moment, just know that I’m trying, have been trying, and will continue to try, until the final ‘no,’” H3cz said. “But know that my commitment to my teammates and the #Greenwall remains true.”

Although IGC already owns Los Angeles Valiant in OWL and MIBR in CS:GO, it’s aiming to acquire OpTic’s LCS spot. In 2018, the LCS introduced league franchising and denied Immortals application to join the league (along with other major brands, like Team Dignitas and Team Envyus).

H3cz’s resistance comes as OpTic Gaming future is on the line. The organization’s Overwatch, CS:GO, and CoD teams would be sold since IGC can’t own more than one roster in those games. And its LCS team probably will get rebranded to Immortals if IGC and Infinite Esports close the deal.