Former WWE marketing VP Dave Riggs joins Panda Global as sales and sponsorships strategist

Panda continues to expand and look for new opportunities to grow.

Image via Panda

Panda Global continues to make major moves in 2021, this time bringing on former WWE marketing vice president Dave Riggs to help expand the esports organization’s sales team. 

Riggs has more than 25 years of experience working in sales, sponsorships, and partnerships within the sports and entertainment industries. Panda is looking to work with Riggs on various new strategies to grow its brand through various sales opportunities and partnerships. 

On top of working for and securing sponsorships for the WWE, Riggs also represented sports and entertainment personalities, such as John Cena, Cam Newton, Erin Andrews, Giancarlo Stanton, and the Bella Twins. He will now take that experience and try to do the same in a growing esports space with Panda’s lineup of content creators and competitors. 

“With esports continuing to grow and evolve, Panda presents a unique offering to brands through its platform,” Riggs said. “Using content creators, team assets, groundbreaking technology, websites, and community outreach programs, Panda has strategically positioned itself as a one-stop-shop, able to integrate brands at a deeper level than any other esports organization. I look forward to getting started and contributing to the growth of the organization through innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Panda has expanded rapidly over the last several months, bringing on more content creators, like SmallAnt and Simply, entering the new areas of competition like Chess, and hosting more events. Riggs is just the latest addition as the organization looks to continue growing throughout 2021. 

“Panda has a very different selection of opportunities for partners than most other esports organizations,” Panda CEO Alan “SamuraiPanda” Bunney said. “In Dave, we found someone who was the right fit to connect everything together with his incredible experience in a variety of high-level sales positions throughout the entertainment and sports industry. We’re excited to see where we can go together!”