Former Google Stadia VP Jade Raymond founds new studio, partners with Sony

Haven Entertainment Studios will work to bring a new IP to PlayStation, though it's in an independent studio.

Image via Sony

Jade Raymond, the former VP and head of Google’s Stadia Games studio, has formed an independent studio that’s working alongside Sony on a new IP for PlayStation. 

Raymond left Google at the start of February when the company restructured its approach to the Stadia game streaming platform and is now heading up Haven Entertainment Studios alongside a team of other developers who she’s worked with for years. 

With this announcement, which was posted on the PlayStation Blog, Raymond is working to get back to exploring, creating, and inspiring others through making games. 

“Whether it’s playing Settlers of Catan with my kids or Valheim with my team, games continue to bring me joy,” Raymond said. “They’re a way to relax, connect, and share experiences with people I care about. And the act of making games is, in many ways, even more fulfilling. Getting to bring together experts across so many different creative fields – from music composers, to concept artists, to programmers (yes! programmers are creative too!) into a perfectly synched orchestra that delivers new worlds for players to explore. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling or rewarding I can imagine doing.”

Raymond has previously worked at major companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft in various leadership roles, helping bring franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs to life. 

Haven is based out of Montreal and will work with the backing of Sony to create a new IP for the PlayStation platform. More details will be shared in the future.