Fnatic reveals surprising collaboration with Hello Kitty

Where did that come from?

Screengrab via Fnatic

Fnatic has unexpectedly unveiled a new partnership with one of the biggest brands in the world, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

The esports organization tweeted the news earlier today, but it didn’t provide much information about what the partnership will entail. The tweet did, however, showcase Hello Kitty wearing Fnatic gear while gaming on a PC.

By clicking on the link in the tweet, fans are sent to a special website for the collaboration that says Fnatic and Hello Kitty will be dropping a new gaming collection on Nov. 15.

Fans can sign up to be alerted about the collection as the release date approaches and unlock an exclusive wallpaper to use on their PCs. Anyone looking for more information on what’s planned, however, will have to wait until the timer on the website hits zero.

Fnatic said in its tweet that fans should “try to collect them all,” which seems to point toward some kind of collectible merchandise between the two brands.