ESL expands partnership with data company Bayes Esports

The more data, the better.

Image via ESL

ESL is expanding its partnership with esports data company Bayes Esports, according to a report from Esports Insider.

The partnership will expand into more titles. The technology Bayes Esports provides allows for ESL to pull large data sets quickly and display 2D replays during matches.

ESL is massive in the world of esports. The company is particularly big in CS:GO, where it runs the Pro League, Starcraft II, and used to run the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene.

“We are only looking for partners who want to set uniform standards with us and to drive esports forward with high-quality technologies,” said Bernhard Mogk, SVP global business development at ESL Gaming. “To increase esports’ media presence, the media and other data users must get all the information they need as quickly and reliably as possible.”

ESL runs “national championships” of sorts in multiple countries, the ESL One tournament series, and the Intel Extreme Masters, as well as its Pro Leagues.

The more data there is in esports, the better it’ll get for all involved. Accurate assessments of teams will lead to better content being produced and better narratives for fans to follow.