Epic adds iHeartRadio, Krita, and more apps to its launcher

A Fortnite partnership with Spotify is also happening soon.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is expanding its reach by adding more PC apps to the Epic Games Launcher, the company announced today.

This means that users will be able to download and run various apps through the Epic Games Store, including the already available Spotify.

The newest additions to the platform’s app page include Itch.io, Brave, KenShape, Krita, and iHeartRadio. Here’s a brief description of each of them along with any limitations that have been listed by Epic. 

  • Itch.io: DRM free, indie-focused game store where developers run a “pay what you want” pricing model for consumers. 
  • Brave: Open-source browser that automatically blocks ads and website trackers while letting users send cryptocurrency contributions to content creators and websites they want to support. 
  • KenShape: Software used to generate 3D models based on 2D pixel art drawn using various shapes, which is directly compatible with most game engines. 
  • Krita: Digital painting app that’s used by millions to create illustrations, comics, animations, sketches, paintings, and more. 
  • iHeartRadio: Free all-in-one digital music, podcasting, and livestreaming radio service that also offers subscriptions that give access to on-demand features. 
    • Available only in North America.

Epic is also launching a Fortnite partnership with Spotify today at 7pm CT, where Fortnite Crew Members will receive three free months of Spotify service if they’re new Spotify premium subscribers. 

More apps are going to be coming to the Epic Games Launcher in the future, including Epic’s face-to-face social network Houseparty and Discord.