EA on recent sexual assault allegations: “These behaviors are never OK—not in our communities or any others”

The company shared its support for those who have come forward.

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Image via Electronic Arts

Video game company Electronic Arts shared its stance today on the recent sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct allegations within the esports and gaming industry.

The company wanted to be “very clear” on its position, as well as show its support for the women who have come forward or experienced any kind of sexual misconduct.

“These behaviors are never OK—not in our communities or any others,” EA’s statement reads. “We are deeply committed to ensuring there is safe space for people to come forward and taking the right actions on behalf of our community.”

The company also encouraged EA employees who may have encountered these behaviors to tell their manager or People Experience leader immediately. Those who feel uncomfortable with that can anonymously report it, too.

And if you aren’t an EA employee but have encountered any form of harassment at the hands of another player or EA staff member, you can report it here.

EA’s statement followed a week of accusations within the esports and gaming industry, with women sharing their personal stories of sexual assault and harassment. The movement has become a #MeToo moment within the scene, sparking over 200 individuals to come forward.