Developer and publisher Koch Media rebrands to PLAION

The media giant is getting a rebrand.

Image via PLAION

Koch Media, which has been an independent game developer, publisher, and producer of games and entertainment products is rebranding after 28 years of business.

PLAION is the new name of the company, which sounds like “play on” when said, and has a new logo that resembles a play button. The outer green ribbon forms the play button, and the white inside of the logo forms an abstract P, representing the new name.

Founded in 1994, Koch Media has offered a wide variety of gaming and entertainment services to the community since its inception. It also owns quite a few publishing units such as Deep Silver, Prime Matter, Milestone, Vertigo Games, and Ravenscourt.

On the games side of the company, PLAION has a lot of familiar titles that gamers might recognize. Its gaming sector includes game development, self-publishing under the names Deep Silver and Ravenscourt, and it also does partner publishing and distribution. Titles under its umbrella are games such as Agents of Mayhem, Metro Exodus, and Saints Row IV.

“Our new name offers us the opportunity to build on our rich history as a publishing partner and our outstanding, constantly growing network of world-class development studios and creative people, to keep delivering premium service to our partners, to highlight our ambition as a global player within the entertainment industry but also to reinvent ourselves, CEO and co-founder of PLAION Klemens Kundratitz said. “Our vision is to enable and inspire our worldwide teams and partners, unlocking their full potential.”

Although the name, logo, and slogan may be different, the goals of the company are still the same. Its mission is to “offer unique entertainment experiences and create meaningful conversations with our customers, connecting them with our content in any way they choose.”