Capcom boss reveals whether they’d follow Activision and agree to Xbox takeover 

Capcom's COO Tsujimoto responds to possible takeover by Xbox.

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With one major acquisition by Microsoft seemingly wrapping up, it is always a question of which company is the next target, and some players are speculating that it may be Capcom’s turn.

On Sept. 24, Capcom’s chief operating officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto gave an interview for Bloomberg, in which he revealed whether they would be open to an Xbox takeover or not.

When asked how would they respond to a proposal of a takeover by Xbox, Tsujimoto responded “I would gracefully decline the offer because I believe it would be better if we were equal partners.”

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Is Capcom in Microsoft’s sights? Image via Wikimedia Creative Commons

He argued his stance with claims that it is better to bolster Capcom’s own organic growth and invest in the resources they have rather than having oversight and focusing on mass production. 

With the current success that Capcom is experiencing with their AAA releases such as Resident Evil 4, and Street Fighter 6, it is no surprise that they wish to continue along this route and capitalize even more on their strong momentum, which has seen them have their most successful year to date. 

Capcom is now focusing on the cell phone as the new platform they want to explore with their AAA releases, with two Resident Evil games coming out for iOS devices later this year.

Tsujimoto believes that their 100 million game sales goal can be achieved through diversification, from standard gaming platforms to mobile phones, which he believes should have been “expanded into before, but now they have the necessary components to allow players to truly enjoy their releases.”

With Capcom COO Tsujimoto’s strong statement about the potential acquisition proposal, we can see that Capcom doesn’t plan on stopping or being acquired, and is aiming to break its own records while continuing on the same path of successful AAA releases.


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