Burger King employees are ready to take your order—on the PlayStation Network in Spain

Order a Whopper and slay some noobs in Call of Duty at the same time.

Screenshot via Burger King

Burger King has apparently identified a major deficiency in the esports and fast food ecosystems. Competitive gamers can order food before they play. They can order food after they play. But few can juggle both at the same time. Not anymore, though. In Madrid, Spain, Burger King employees have infiltrated the PSN network. And all you have to do to get a Whopper is ask them for one—in-game.

Burger Clan is a group of Burger King employees who take your fast food order straight from the online PlayStation 4 service. Simply register on the Burger Clan website and link your PlayStation Network account to your Burger King delivery account. Then, players can add members of the Burger Clan to their PSN friends list to join their party chat or game sessions.

If you get hungry right in the heat of battle with a Burger Clan employee, you can place an order for delivery just by talking through your PS4.

There are surely plenty of gamers who’ll enjoy the thought of ordering a Whopper right from their gaming chair. But there’s also something fundamentally bizarre about adding complete strangers to your friends list, and then joining them in a game just to order food. Is it really that hard to take a 30 second break in between games and order something online?

Regardless, this is only the beginning for Burger Clan. The service just started last weekend and, if it’s successful in its trial run in Spain, could make its way over to the United States.

The home of the Whopper just wants you to “have it your way,” whether that’s in one of its restaurants or while slaying noobs in Call of Duty.