Barstool Sports enters esports world with Barstool HooliganZ team

The company has expanded further into the gaming environment.

Image via Activision

Barstool Sports is jumping into the esports scene with its new team, the Barstool HooliganZ.

Barstool Sports has created video game content in the past on its Barstool Gametime accounts, which feature highlights from fans and the company’s own content. The host of Barstool Gametime, Adam Smith (better known as Smitty), explained that all of the previous content has led to the creation of Barstool HooliganZ. 

Smitty is the captain of the HooliganZ, who are Call of Duty players that work at Barstool. Hank Lockwood, Glenny Balls, and Muj Fricke make up the rest of the HooliganZ lineup. Adam Ferrone will also serve as the team’s head coach. 

The Barstool HooliganZ will be running “Tryout Tuesdays” for any fans who want a shot at joining the new esports organization, too. Smitty said they’re considering having teams in titles such as VALORANT, CS:GO, and League of Legends, depending on the talent they can acquire. 

It’s unclear if Barstool intends to seriously compete in professional esports leagues. Barstool Sports has millions of followers on its social media accounts, however, and could likely attract talented players to play under the HooliganZ banner. 

The current Call of Duty lineup will likely focus on content creation and expand into other titles as they add more players to the roster. Many fans will be excited to see how the Barstool HooliganZ fit into the esports world as the organization grows.