Avant Gaming partners with MSI

It's another big partnership for Australian esports.

Screengrab via Avant Gaming

Shortly after announcing coffee brand Ice Break as a major sponsor, Avant Gaming has made another big move this week, announcing a partnership with MSI for 2019.

Avant has always been a stable organization in the ANZ region. Avant arguably produces the best content in the region and if their recent performance in the Oceanic Pro League is anything to go by, their in-game ability is starting to match their offline performance.

Wesley Collier, Avant’s CEO, believes this is more than just a partnership. “We’re so excited to have a great brand such as MSI join with us for this year,” he said. “MSI will help us reach great lengths and give the players more motivation during times when they’re not just in the office.”

Currently sitting at first on the OPL rankings, tied with Chiefs and Bombers, it would appear the motivation is certainly working for the team that faced relegation last split.

This announcement comes in the same week that Order announced they are partnering with Alienware. The ANZ region is certainly off to a hot start in 2019, let’s hope this also translates into international success for a change.