Analytics platform Pursuit will shut down as team is hired by Twitch

The service will end on Dec. 17.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The team behind analytics product Pursuit has been hired by Twitch, Pursuit CEO and founder James Sun announced today.

Pursuit is a third-party analytics application that was banned from Overwatch in September. Pursuit analyzed data from Overwatch matches to give users feedback following a match. The program ran during matches to track what happened to create a statistics report viewable once the game ended. The company was used by Philadelphia Fusion and Atlanta Reign, according to Sun. He added that many 2018 Overwatch World Cup players were using the program to analyze player performance from scrimmages.

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Blizzard announced publicly in September 2018 that Pursuit (and analytics program Visor, which had recently raised $4.7 in funding for the Overwatch statistics program) was in violation of Blizzard’s End User License Agreement. Players that used it were issued warnings that continued use could lead to a “permanent ban.”

The Pursuit team refocused its effort into Fortnite: Battle Royale statistics. But before Pursuit, the company created a Twitch engagement platform that was shut down because the team “struggled to find a sustainable business model.”

“As we considered the future, it became evident that Twitch had the resources and scale to allow us to achieve a level of impact that would not be possible on our own,” Sun wrote. “So, what does this mean for Pursuit? While the team is moving to Twitch, the Pursuit analytics product will not.”

Pursuit’s analytics product, which is in a testing period, will be shut down on Dec. 17. Sun did not say what the team will be working on with Twitch.