Karazhan Card Analysis- The Best Cards

Hello everyone! In this article I will write about the most interesting cards, especially cards people sleep on. At the end, as a bonus, I will give you a short primer about the deck I used to finish at Legend Rank 28 last season. In case you are looking for a deck to climb quickly […]

N’zoth Control Warrior- Top 100 Legend

Once again I finished in the Top 100 with a Warrior deck. Although I wanted to make Top 100 with Miracle Rogue, the current metagame is simply much more favorable for N’zoth Control Warrior. There are a lot of Warlock Zoo, Dragon Warrior and various Shaman decks on the ladder, which I farmed consistently. Since […]

Mastering Miracle Rogue: Beginner Guide

When Miracle Rogue started seeing play right after the introduction of the Standard format, I was at first quite sceptical about its viability, because was nerfed. Although the deck is not without flaws and weaknesses, I’m quite successful with it on the ladder. A good friend of mine, Sedris, even finished last season with Miracle […]

Mastering Miracle Rogue: Advanced Guide

Because of the bursty nature of this deck, you need to be aware of the damage you have on the board and the potential damage in your hand (especially the longer the game goes). For example using any potential burst on Turn 6 on a minion that does not need to be removed, can later […]

Mastering Miracle Rogue: Matchups & Mulligans

One of the hardest part of Miracle Rogue is knowing how to mulligan. You will look at these Fan of Knives, SI-7 Agents, Backstabs, Eviscerates, Azure Drakes, Cold Bloods, Conceals and be kind of overwhelmed. In general you want to look for the cards below against every deck (as already mentioned in Part 1, I […]

Currently Underused Cards that have A Lot of Potential in Standard

Hello everyone! Soon we will know all the cards from the Old Gods expansion and as I was writing the article, Blizzard finally announced the new nerfs. After the long wait, the new Standard format and the new expansion will launch on April 26th. Today’s article won’t be about new cards, instead I will focus […]