Most Interesting Custom Hearthstone Cards #3

When I was playing Magic: The Gathering years ago, one of the most fun experiences I had with the game was creating custom cards. My older brother found some program that allowed to do it and downloaded it (it was back in 2005, mind you). We went ahead and designed tons of cards, then printed […]

Weekly Hearthstone Roundup #23 (May 19 – May 25)

Last month in review: #19 – Apr 21 – Apr 27 #20 – Apr 28 – May 4 #21 – May 5 – May 11 #22 – May 12 – May 18 Weekly Hearthstone Roundup is a series summarizing last week in Hearthstone. By making a compilation of the news regarding game, teams, pro players, […]

How to Build: Mage in Un’Goro

Hello everyone. This is the second installment of the “How to Build” series in Un’Goro. After the last week’s Priest, this time I’ve decided to cover another diverse class – Mage. While Mage doesn’t have as many popular builds as Priest, there is still a lot to write about. The class is also top tier […]

In-Depth Turn Analysis: What to do, what to do…

In-Depth Turn Analysis is as series started by Smashthings back in 2014. Since he quit Hearthstone, it was discontinued and forgotten. I’ve decided to pick it up, because it’s really interesting and fills a niche between articles for beginners and more competitive ones. If you aren’t familiar with the series, don’t worry – it’s quite easy. Just […]