Pobelter – A Wake-Up Call

Four years ago, fifteen-year-old Eugene "Pobelter" Park played for Cursein the 2011 Newegg Summer Wanfest tournament. Curse beat TSM twice en route to winning the event, earning$2000 in the process.

Tips for Beating Solo Queue

Solo queue is notoriously frustrating. If you are brave enough to dip your toes into its murky waters, you are at some point likely to encounter a cliché mixture of trolls, afkers and feeders.

Armchair Analysts – the Role of Reddit

Note: This is an opinion piece Over the past few months, recently-retired Cloud 9 mid laner Hai has been criticised for his supposedly poor performances.


The Unsung Heroes of the West

It is natural for mostsports fans to gravitate towards flashy players. In soccer, it is usually the goal-scoring forwards whohog the limelight. In american football, the playmaking quarterbacks tend to garner the most praise.

Of Richard Lewis: Ban the man, not the content

Fresh off the press, and for once not by Richard Lewis - the latest polarising topic under scrutiny by the LoL community is Lewis' complete ban - including his content - from the LoL subreddit.


UOL – More than just entertaining

A few months ago, Unicorns of Love were a little-known challenger team, trying their hand at LCS qualification. The team's attempt started miserably, going 0-2 in the 5 match series against Millenium.