Wraith player accidentally gets tossed into the ring after a failed escape

The Void can't save you from sheer bad luck.

Image via Respawn

In the Tony Hawk franchise, doing a trick and flying out of a half-pipe is a good thing. But in Apex Legends, that’s not really the case.

An Apex player was downed by the ring while using a balloon to fly and almost escaped. They posted footage of the amusingly unlucky attempt on Reddit last night.

The Wraith player was outrunning the ring near Sorting Factory on World’s Edge. They used a balloon to cover more ground. Although the ring damage downed the player by sending their health to zero, they were able to fly away from the ring and into the relative safety of the map.

But the player ended up landing on one of the satellite dishes near Sorting Factory and the convex surface made for an amusing, though unlucky, landing spot. Due to Wraith’s horizontal velocity, the player slid across the surface while maintaining most of their momentum and reached the other edge of the dish. Like in a game of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the player was propelled backward with an unnatural amount of speed—back into the ring they just barely outran.

In spite of their extraordinary bad luck, the player returned to the post to share the outcome of the match. They made it out of the ring after landing and finished the match in third place while short on one player, a triumphant ending to offset any bad luck.