World’s Edge won’t be in rotation in Apex’s season 12

No one's gonna miss Dome or Lava City.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ map rotation in season 12 is giving World’s Edge some time to rest. The Talos arena won’t be in the map rotation during the game’s upcoming season, Defiance, Respawn Entertainment confirmed.

The map rotation in the casual pool will be comprised of Storm Point, Kings Canyon, and Olympus, as confirmed in a press conference yesterday. Respawn did not provide details about whether World’s Edge will see professional play during this season.

An official tweet also confirmed the map rotation for Apex‘s competitive mode during Defiance. The first split will kick off with the sabotaged version of Olympus, and the second half of the season will take place on Kings Canyon.

Respawn has rotated maps in and out of ranked splits since the addition of Apex‘s third map, Olympus, in season seven. Since then, the map receiving an update (or the newly released map, in the case of seasons seven and 11) has been a part of the competitive mode.

Though Kings Canyon may sit out of ranked modes, the map is returning to casual matches after not seeing play during season 10. Likewise, Olympus is coming back to the game after a three-month absence, which is a good sign for fans who missed the Psamathe arena.

This isn’t the first time World’s Edge has been removed from play. The map wasn’t part of the rotation in season eight, which featured an update to Kings Canyon and took place just months after the debut of Olympus.

Update Feb. 2 11:57am CT: Respawn confirmed the map rotation for both splits this season. We’ve updated the article to reflect this.