Who is Lillian Peck in Apex Legends?

An important figure for the Outlands, Peck's name resurfaced unexpectedly—and by mistake.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Lillian Peck is a name that was mostly attached to the past in Apex Legends lore. Her introduction in the lore is fairly recent, but she lived well before the time of most Apex‘s charactersuntil Horizon arrived, at least.

Horizon’s addition to the game brought back a treasure trove of information about the floating city of Olympus. That’s when Peck’s name first surfaced, but the story arc leading to season 11 brought her back to the spotlight.

Who was Lillian Peck?

Screengrab via PlayApex

Lillian Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who built Olympus in 2640, nearly a century before the events of Apex. She wanted to turn the floating city into a safe haven for people of all different socio-economic backgrounds, where they all could work and learn together. Its creation brought a series of technological advances to the Outlands.

Science and research thrived on Olympus, but a group of scientists discovered that the Outlands were on the brink of a devastating energy crisis that would wipe out the resources in the region in less than 20 years. Peck helped find a solution to the energy crisis with the help from one of her oldest friends, Dr. Mary Somers—the same Dr. Somers who would become Horizon.

Somers and Peck were close—Peck was even Newton’s godmother, according to the season seven loading screen “Crisis to Avert.” The two worked together to save the Outlands from the energy crisis, but mentions to Peck are scarce—if not inexistent—after Horizon disappeared.

Peck resurfaced during the season 10 Twitter comic, appearing in a flashback to Horizon. The legend believed Ash was Peck and “waking her up” would be the key to reuniting with her son.

Why did Horizon think Ash was Lillian Peck?

Peck appeared to Horizon in a dream, telling the legend all she had to do was “wake me up.” Horizon believed it referred to Ash, and she asked Pathfinder about the simulacrum.

In season five, the legends reassembled Ash at Hammond Robotics’ behest. The company had interest in some codes inside her memory, Pathfinder explained. Hammond took the Olympus access codes and left Ash in a dumpster, the MRVN told Horizon.

“The Olympus access codes? That cannae be,” she says. “Only Lillian Peck knew ’em.”

With Ash having the Olympus codes and Peck presumably being the only person who knew them, Horizon believed Peck being Ash wasn’t a far cry. When she “woke up” the simulacrum, however, the legend discovered it was actually Dr. Reid, the assistant who left her stranded in space.

Peck hasn’t appeared since the story, but the comic did give fans a first official look at her appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve seen the last of her, though. Horizon’s storyline, as well as the Ash/Dr. Reid conflict, could both prove to be valuable opportunities for Peck to resurface, at least as a mention.