When is the solo mode returning to Apex Legends?

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment introduced Apex Legends‘ solo mode with the launch of the Iron Crown Collection event in August, and the game mode was an instant hit across the battle royale’s fanbase. With the its departure from live servers, however, many fans have been left wondering when the solo venture will make its return to Apex.

Over the past couple of months, Respawn has added a new rotating game mode for each Apex’s events. The battle royale celebrated a handful of limited-time events in its first year, including the Legendary Hunt, Iron Crown Collection, Voidwalker event, and Fight or Fright Collection—each featuring its own unique game mode.

When the solo mode released alongside the Iron Crown Collection in August of 2019, Respawn said that the company remained undecided on whether the game mode would be a permanent addition to the game or just another event-exclusive game mode. In the 1.16 patch notes, the Apex developer mentioned that it was collecting feedback and monitoring “healthy matchmaking” before deciding if the game mode was to return.  

Players got a taste of the solo mode once more with the release of the Fight or Fright in October. The Halloween-themed introduced the Shadowfall game mode, in which 35 solo players returned to an “eerily-lit” Kings Canyon. Players respawned as zombie-like creatures and the remaining 10 “living” legends were tasked with fighting their way through the undead horde and evacuating the island on an aircraft.

While the Grand Soirée event brought back duos, Apex’s solo mode was notably absent from the collection of limited-time game modes. Duos are returning once more for the upcoming Valentine’s Day-themed Rendezvous event, but there’s still no word from Respawn as to when solos will return to the game or if it will ever be a permanent feature.