When does the Apex Anniversary Collection Event begin?

Get ready.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn introduced its second-anniversary event for Apex Legends today, complete with a sappy video trailer gone wrong. 

With its own special rewards, limited-time game mode, and character cosmetics, there will be a lot of content to digest for players looking to take full advantage of the Apex Anniversary Collection Event.

The event has a reward track that will dish out 22 items that can be earned by playing the game. Prizes include Event Packs and Apex Packs. 

Meanwhile, EA will put 24 of the players’ favorite items into the game, but with a twist. The character cosmetics will have a “fresh look with crimson red and gold touches.”

Running for two weeks this month, you might want to prepare yourself in the coming days. The Apex Anniversary Collection Event will begin next Tuesday, Feb. 9, and run until Feb. 23.

Along with cosmetics and rewards, the upcoming event next week will also include another game mode takeover called Locked and Loaded. The mode’s gimmick is that players all drop into the map with a complete kit of level one gear including a Mozambique, Shotgun Bolt, Scope, Shield, two Syringes, and more.