When does Apex’s Awakening event start?

We can't wait to dive into Control either.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have plenty to look forward to with the new Awakening event—especially if they’re Lifeline fans. The battle royale’s Awakening event will bring a host of new additions, including a Lifeline town takeover, the return of Control, and even an Heirloom for Valkyrie.

Fans have been expecting Lifeline to get some sort of event after her episode of Stories from the Outlines, “Family Business,” went live earlier this week. Only a handful of original cast members have gotten their episodes of Stories from the Outlands, and in most cases, events styled after the legend quickly followed. Lifeline’s short didn’t betray that tradition.

Wraith’s Voidwalker event kicked off that trend in 2019, but since then, players had Bloodhound’s The Old Ways and Pathfinder’s Fight Night events in 2020. Bangalore’s “Gridiron” short, released in January 2022, is the exception.

Lifeline is getting her own town takeover as part of the Awakening event, which will bring a clinic to Olympus. This will stay on the map after the event ends, changing the dynamic of the Psamathe arena. Additionally, players can expect Valkyrie to get an Heirloom and the return of Control.

Here’s when you can dive into the action.

When does Apex’s Awakening event start?

Apex’s Awakening event kicks off on June 21 and players will have two weeks to finish the event. This time, players will also get two free weekly reward tracks, with prizes for playing every week of the event.

The Awakening collection event is also bringing 24 new cosmetics and getting all of them will unlock Valkyrie’s Heirloom, the Suzaku. The Winged Avenger is getting a spear that presumably belonged to her mother. Like other Heirlooms, it comes with its own set of unique animations, and players may even find some hidden Easter eggs with the new Heirloom.

There will be plenty to do even if you’re not planning on visiting Lifeline’s town takeover in Olympus, however. The Awakening collection event marks the return of the Battlefield-esque Control limited-time mode, this time bringing the fight to Lava Siphon in World’s Edge. The nine-vs-nine mode upends the core battle royale gameplay and brings a hectic game mode that focuses on controlling capture points across POIs from the battle royale maps.

The new format makes for larger-scale firefights and frantic skirmishes to defend or attack fortified positions, and the nine-vs-nine team compositions (with three squads of three players) open up for tactics with more than one of the same legend, including multiple Gibraltar Dome Shields, Revenant Death Totems, or Octane Jump Pads. Players can expect the action to take place on Lava Siphon, as well as Storm Point’s Barometer and Olympus’ Hammond Labs.