Volt moves to care package, Alternator returns to ground loot in Apex’s season 12

Shaking up the loot pool.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The next season of Apex Legends will be launching on Feb. 8, and with it comes a new set of care package-exclusive weapons as well as two popular guns making their way into replicators.

As explained by Respawn Entertainment in a press conference earlier this week, when Defiance launches, the Alternator will return to the ground loot as the Volt takes its place with a suite of buffs to boot. While the Flatline will receive some tuning to bring it in line with other assault rifles, players who enjoy its feel will now find it tied to the crafting station alongside the Longbow for the duration of the season.

Seen as an outlier in pure performance against other SMGs, the Volt will be moved into the care package for the foreseeable future. To make it more alluring as a weapon of this rarity, it will also be receiving an extra two damage per bullet as well as two extra rounds in the magazine. As the Alternator returns to ground loot, players hoping to see the disruptor rounds returned with it will be disappointed to learn that the season-defining hop-up will be removed from the game once more.

The crafting station serves as a secondary option for Respawn refining the Apex loot pool in Defiance, with the Flatline and Longbow being exclusively available through crafting this season. While this means you won’t be finding them in supply bins, the crafting station gives the weapons a more consistent means of being integrated into your loadout. As the Flatline moves into the crafting station it will also receive a small nerf, doing one less damage per bullet, to balance it closer to its counterparts before players have such easy access to it.

Players will be able to dive into battle royale and experience these changes when Apex Legends‘ next season goes live on Feb. 8.


Alexis Walker
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