This Loba Heirloom concept slashes through the competition

She had to claw her way to the top.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

With Wattson’s Energy Reader Heirloom added to the game in the Raiders collection event, Apex Legends fans are already looking forward to see what the next Heirloom could be. If some have their way, the newest melee cosmetic will go to Loba and will feature a very different sort of way to hunt down your opponents.

To put it simply: give Loba claws. This Heirloom concept by artist Mandy Soto gives Loba a wholly unique Heirloom. While most legends have received some sort of bladed or blunt object as an Heirloom, this concept leans more into the early Lifeline and Pathfinder Heirloom designs to make Loba a two-handed fighter.

Soto says the weapon is inspired both by the ancient ninja weapon tekko-kagi and by the Marvel mutant X-23. Tekko-kagi were claw-like blades attached to the knuckles, making punches and strikes infinitely more dangerous. X-23 is well known as the female clone of Wolverine in X-Men comics, inheriting Wolverine’s signature retractable claws, but only two of them on each hand. Soto’s Loba concept combines these inspirations, giving Loba bladed gauntlets with two retractable blades on each. 

The details are where this Heirloom really shines, however. The blades emerge from two silver wolves on the gauntlets, their eyes and mouths glowing bright red overtop the black and red blades. These details match perfectly with Loba’s long red nails and trademark red eyeshadow. As an added bonus, the gauntlets have “for the família” engraved on the wrists, a nod both to Loba’s vengeful backstory and her Portuguese roots. 

All in all, it’s an Heirloom concept sure to excite many Loba mains out there, and one that’s incredibly well realized and executed in its attention to detail and consistency with Loba’s character. After all, she is always dressed to kill.