The final chapter of Apex Legends’ season quest is live

The story of the Broken Ghost has come to an end.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season quest has reached its end after nearly two months of weekly installments. Tthe Broken Ghost’s final chapter and epilogue are now live.

The final section of the quest will likely answer several questions that have been looming since the prologue—and raise even more. The ending could serve as a segue into the lore of season six, including the legends’ motivations, narratives, and even possibly introducing a new destination.

The ending of The Broken Ghost should also put an end to the partnership between Loba and Hammond Robotics. The company offered Loba the location of Revenant’s source code if she assembled all the pieces of a mysterious artifact, which kicked off the quest. Now that the relic is close to completion, there could be more conflict between Hammond and the legends, as well as between Loba and Revenant.

Last week’s chapter revealed the identity of the mole. Caustic betrayed Loba for fear that she would uncover his past—namely his “pesky legal problems” on Gaea.

Before joining the Apex Games, Alexander Nox worked as a scientist on a pesticide company, designing a myriad of lethal compounds. During his time at Humbert Labs, he developed his trademark Nox Gas but tested it on live subjects—possibly humans—in secret.

Caustic’s superior discovered his illegal experiments and confronted the scientist about it. The conversation ended with Caustic’s boss dead and the lab in flames. Alexander Nox was presumed dead, but he looks for new victims in the Apex Games under the moniker of Caustic.

Despite coming to a close, hunts and chapters in the Broken Ghost will remain available over the course of season five so players can relive them.