The best Lifeline skins in Apex Legends

"Pay attention. Ya might learn a thing or two."

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Ajay Che’s coming through, and she’s doing it in style.

Lifeline boasts one of the most diverse wardrobes of any character in Apex Legends. As one of the game’s eight original legends, she’s seen every update, event, and store rotation the battle royale has offered. She has one of the highest number of skins of any legend as a result, which means there’s bound to be a look for every Lifeline main out there regardless of your preference in design.

Here are the best Lifeline skins in Apex.

Guardian Angel

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

We’re starting off strong with one of Lifeline’s more fitting skins.

Guardian Angel’s angelic theme is an apt design for a combat medic, especially one whose revives can be a saving grace in a battle royale like Apex. This Legendary skin dresses Lifeline in a feathery lilac blouse with matching pants. What stands out the most about this outfit, however, is the golden accessories; a feather waist-wrap, pair of boots, and arm bracers add an air of divinity to the Combat Medic that makes her look as if she fell from the heavens. A golden headpiece and feathered collar tie the look together.

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Lifeline’s Guardian Angel skin hit Apex‘s store in 2019 with the Lifeline Edition, which is no longer available for purchase. Respawn Entertainment stopped releasing these legend editions and removed all of them from the store this year. The Apex developer has brought back skins from these bundles in store rotations, however. Guardian Angel was one of these skins, having briefly returned to the store in March 2022.

Worlds Apart

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Worlds Apart might be Lifeline’s most elegant skin, and you can tell just by looking at it.

This Legendary skin, which clearly takes after Olympus’ luxurious designs, features beautiful shades of peach and gold with pops of teal. Lifeline wears a golden headpiece that wraps around her braided space buns and a similar high-fashion neck cuff. Orange boxy bags with golden trinkets hang from her waist, and a closer inspection reveals bold eye makeup and a shimmery lip gloss. If you’re wanting the enemy team to know your worth, dress for success with this extravagant look.

Lifeline’s Worlds Apart skin became available for purchase in season seven with the Fight Night event. It has yet to return to the shop, but prospective fans should keep their eyes peeled for future store rotations.

Bad to the Bone

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline’s well known for her cheery personality, but Bad to the Bone brings out her bad side. In this Legendary skin, everyone’s favorite combat medic is reimagined as a punk rocker or bike gang member—and she pulls it off convincingly.

The highlight of this outfit is arguably Lifeline’s skull mask. Covering the lower half of her face, the mask makes a statement with its skeleton pattern, popping out against the rest of the dark outfit with its bright white design. That’s not all the skin has to offer, though. Lifeline sports a leather cropped jacket with winged designs on the chest and a matching skirt. Chains wrap around her knees, and silver metal plating protects her shins. With brown arm wraps, shoulder spikes, and a grenade-loaded belt, you know Lifeline means business in this Legendary skin.

Players could unlock Bad to the Bone by reaching level 50 in the season eight battle pass.

Ghost Stalker / Judge Jury Executioner

Is it cheating if we picked two skins in place of one?

Lifeline’s Ghost Stalker and Judge Jury Executioner skins, two color variants of the same design, easily find a place among the Combat Medic’s list of best skins. It’s tough to pick between the two, though, since both feature unique color schemes and the same gorgeous design. It ultimately comes down to preference; if you prefer a lighter color scheme, Ghost Stalker is for you. Those who lean towards darker and more subtle designs might enjoy Judge Jury Executioner better.

Judge Jury Executioner was the first of the two skins to arrive in the battle royale, having been a part of the Iron Crown collection event in 2019. It was followed by Ghost Stalker, a white and rose-gold alternative to Judge Jury Executioner, with the War Games event in 2019. Ghost Stalker has not returned to the store since, but Judge Jury Executioner became available for purchase a second time when it was featured in a bundle in April 2022.

Although these skins feature two different color schemes, most of the design elements remain the same. In these looks, Lifeline’s hair is braided with a side-shave, and she wears brilliant gold accents over plated armor. Metallic trinkets hang at her waist and neck, and she hides her face behind a white, emotionless mask.

My Wave

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Who’s up for a dive? And no, we’re not talking about a skydive out of the dropship.

Lifeline’s My Wave skin is a perfect way to celebrate the rapidly approaching summer. As part of the Dark Depths collection, this ocean-themed look features the support legend in scuba gear with beachy elements, including a set of flippers and an oxygen tank hanging from her waist. She still wears her hair in her iconic space buns but has spruced the hairdo up with a pair of shells, ditching her classic headband to show off wavy brown locks instead. My Wave boasts a beautiful and feminine color scheme with teals, pinks, and purples, and the sides of her pants are accented with brilliant mermaid-like scales.

My Wave released at the start of this year with the Dark Depths event. Players could unlock the skin for 2,400 Crafting Metals or 1,800 Apex Coins. The event’s offerings remained in the store, however, giving players a chance to continue crafting these cosmetics even after the festivities ended.

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If you’re new to Apex or you’ve recently switched your main to Lifeline, My Wave is a great skin to add to your collection since it can be crafted at any time—no need to wait for a store rotation.