The best legends to use in Apex’s Arenas

Some of our favorite picks to dominate the new game mode

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ new three-vs-three game mode is a welcome change of pace from its regular battle royale playlist. Arenas takes out the RNG and third-partying: it’s just two squads fighting against each other. Each round begins with a buy menu, which lets players buy weapons, ability charges, and items. The first team to win three rounds with a two-win advantage is the champion.

Arenas in much more enclosed and fast-paced than the regular battle royale mode, which shifts the value of certain legends a bit. Valkyrie’s ultimate, for instance, works for repositioning in the regular mode, but doesn’t have much room in Arenas.

Here are some of the best legends to use in Apex‘s new mode.


Valkyrie isn’t just the new kid on the block, she’s also a great addition to any squad. Her mobility grants her access to pretty much any elevated position in the maps, and her VTOL Jets can serve as a short dash to move behind cover or to flank enemies.

Her tactical is a versatile offensive tool that can be used to open combat and stun opponents or as a zoning tool to pull enemies out of cover. Valkyrie’s ultimate has very little room to shine in Arenas, but it can be used as a scanning tool to pinpoint the enemy squad if you’re desperate—though it’s probably not a situation that will take place every round.


Apex‘s murderous simulacrum can use his tactical to shut down enemy abilities for 20 seconds—and if done right, that’s more than enough to win a fight. Revenant’s Silence denies any escape abilities, such as Wraith’s Into the Void or Loba’s translocator.

His Death Totem is another strong tool in Arenas. Teams can use it to push, focus fire on an enemy, and turn the fight into a three-vs-two.

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The Legacy buffs have been kind to Loba. She can move at full speed while her bracelet is in the air and is no longer slowed after landing, which would make her a strong character by itself. But that’s not all she has in stock.

Loba’s ultimate, Black Market Boutique, lets players pluck items from care packages or supply bins without putting themselves into danger. It’s also an inexpensive ultimate with a short cooldown, which makes Loba a perfect legend to stocking up your allies.

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The Technological Tracker is a good addition to any squad. Their passive shows context clues that can lead straight to the enemy squad, and their scan is a powerful tool to alert the rest of the allies to the enemies’ position. Their ultimate also comes in handy thanks to its enemy highlighting and increased movement speed.

Bloodhound’s tactical must be used carefully, however, since it has a long cooldown and a single charge. Players should buy extra uses of Bloodhound’s Tactical, which costs Materials—but it’s worth it.


Accidents happen sometimes, and that’s why you take Makoa Gibraltar into a fight. He’s a tanky character with a gun shield, a passive that reduces incoming damage by 15 percent, and a dome shield that he can drop and block all incoming damage. Gibraltar’s shield can offer a quick rez, slow down a fight, or force an enemy push.

Lifeline can play a similar role, but with a few differences. Her revive doesn’t require charges but doesn’t provide cover either, not after the Legacy buffs took out her shield. The Combat Medic can play a similar role to Gibraltar, though she is far more fragile.


Wraith’s Portal isn’t as useful in Arenas as it is in the battle royale counterpart, but that’s not why most people play her. Her tactical, Into the Void, is a strong escape that has its room regardless of mode. Her passive can also help spot when enemies are targeting you or an ally.

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The increased stim cost means that Octane players can’t be as liberal with his tactical as before, but the increased movement speed and his Jump Pad let him reposition quickly. He’s not as ubiquitous as in the battle royale mode, but he can still get an edge in combat.


The nerfs to Dr. Somers made her much less oppressive, but she’s still viable in Arenas. Her tactical is perfect for reaching the high ground, particularly in maps like Artillery or Gardens, and her ultimate can punish an entire squad if they’re huddled too close.


Rampart is hit-or-miss in the battle royale mode, but she gains a little more room to shine in Arenas. A good Rampart will get valuable uptime on her Amped Walls to boost damage for herself and her allies and can set up a strong defensive position (if the enemy team doesn’t have grenades, that is).

Other defensive legends, such as Caustic or Wattson, can also work well in Arenas, provided that players adapt to their playstyle, but Rampart’s Amped Walls can provide value just by being on the map.