The best Ash skins in Apex Legends

Let us see how impressive you truly are.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Season 11 of Apex Legends finally introduced Ash as a playable character in the game. As one of the Apex and Titanfall universe’s most notorious antagonists, the reveal was appropriately drawn out, as the character is inextricably linked to several characters, and she can almost be considered two characters in one. 

For a character this multi-layered and storied, Apex needed to bring out the big guns when it came to designing Ash’s skins. And despite being a playable character in the game for less than two seasons, the cosmetics available for the simulacrum have lived up to the hype. Playing on the Incisive Instigator’s obsessions with hunting down her prey and cleansing herself of any and all remaining humanity in the pursuit of perfection, Ash’s skins are both beautiful and frightening.

Here are the best skins for Ash in Apex.

Denizen of the Deep

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Want to look like one of the eternal crew members of The Flying Dutchman? Try out the barnacled Denizen of the Deep skin.

Introduced to the game during the Dark Depths thematic event, Denizen of the Deep seemed to take equal cues from the deep and sometimes mythical ocean-themed skins from the rest of the Dark Depths cosmetics, and the pirate stylings of the Raiders collection event that came just before it. The skin makes Ash’s trademark hood part of a bigger garment, complete with a leather coat and brass finishings, while the normally-angular blades adorning her body gets a more old-timey, scimitar look to them.

Not content to stop at “robot pirate,” the skin also adds barnacles and weathered metal all over the place, has some sort of green fluid coursing through tubing attached to her midsection, and also gives Ash five pupil-less eyes. Oh yeah, and her lips are dark green now—because the ocean.

The look is altogether unsettling and awesome. And, as part of Respawn’s new strategy with skins from thematic events, players can unlock this skin in the Legends tab with 2,400 Crafting Metals at any time, even though the Dark Depths event is long gone.

Mercenary Mystique

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The base legendary skins that released with Ash are still some of the best skins in the game—and that’s certainly true of Mercenary Mystique.

The skin presents Ash as more of a cobbled-together hunter than the model of perfection, but what it lacks in beauty, it more than makes up for in brutal intimidation. The skin is tied together at top and bottom with a bird theme, with a hawk skull and feathers decorating Ash’s hood, while her feet have been transformed into steel talons. The green and khaki version of this skin, Eagle-Eyed, also shows off Ash’s scary side, but the swatch of bright blue face paint to go with her mismatched red and blue eyes puts Mercenary Mystique over the top.

Players can unlock this skin in the Legends tab with 1,200 Crafting Metals.

Venom Blade

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One of the rarer skins for Ash, the epic Venom Blade skin highlights just how good Ash’s original character design is. The skin doesn’t do much different outside of changing the actual textures on Ash, but it lacks nothing for style.

The colors and lines of the skin design all work incredibly well in tandem with each other, and the extra lines drawn on Ash’s face and lips push the skin over the edge from “good” to “great.” Glowing red details on her forehead, bottom lip, and legs complete the look and make it truly unique.

The other reason this might be a great skin for you? It’s one of the hardest Ash skins to find in the game at the moment. As part of the Prime Gaming bundle in November, it was free for all players that linked their Twitch account to their Apex account and claimed the free reward. It was only available for that month, however, and the Prime Gaming skins have not returned to the game in the past. So, if you have this skin already, equipping it can help you stand out in a big way.

Fallen Angel

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Another one of Ash’s base legendary skins, Fallen Angel strikes at the core of Ash and who she is: a fundamentally fractured entity striving for perfection.

The skin itself is beautiful, befitting the “angel” moniker. The metallic, dark blue elements of the skin are certainly more muted than its Chaotic Emerald counterpart, but these muted elements also make the main attraction of the skin stand out even more: the gold embellishments poking out from under the blue rib cage, extending as spikes from the shoulders, and creating her blade-like legs.

Even the “fallen” element of this skin is beautiful, with Ash’s broken face revealing more gold plating underneath. It’s a stylish and striking skin and one that encapsulates the character.

Players can unlock this skin in the legends tab with 1,200 Crafting Metals.

Chain of Command

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Want to look like a comic book character? The Chain of Command launch skin is your best bet.

The skin, clearly reminiscent of DC Comics villain Deathstroke, turns the chrome all the way up and gives Ash embellishments in bright orange, while removing her mouth altogether from her face, and leaving just a pair of glowering eyes. The skin also gives Ash even more sharp and pointy objects than normal, adding spikes to her shoulders and hood, while her body is covered in chrome machinery. It’s intimidating, it’s stylish, it’s what you want from an Ash skin.

While this skin has only been available as part of the launch bundle of season 11, Respawn has brought previous launch bundle skins back to the store in the past. Player’s best bet for unlocking this skin is paying attention to the store rotation or checking to see if Apex is advertising any special deals.

Synthetic Huntress

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This is the skin for players who have always thought Ash would look better with teeth. Really, really big teeth.

One of Ash’s newest skins, the Synthetic Huntress was released as part of the Warriors collection event. It gives Ash literal fangs, and pairs it with an insignia on her chest plate of a lion roaring. The skin features a silver, purple, and gold color scheme, with some red embellishments and golden neon elements. The skin also brings home the hunter theme by adding bits of fur to her shoulder and beneath other parts of her armor.

The skin clearly tries to communicate just who rules the jungle, and in this case, the king of the jungle is a queen. And is also a robot. At least, mostly a robot. As a collection event skin, players who didn’t get to unlock this during the Warriors event will be out of luck for a while, but will most likely be able to add this skin to their collection if and when Respawn adds it to the store.