Team Liquid’s pro Apex roster looking for new org

One of the top teams in Apex gets some unpleasant news.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

As of this afternoon, Team Liquid seems to be moving on from its entire pro Apex Legends roster. While the team will continue to compete under the Team Liquid banner for the time being, its players are now actively hunting for a new organization to represent.

Brandon “Nocturnal” Singer, who has played for the organization since 2019, announced the decision in a tweet soliciting offers for sponsorship in the upcoming ALGS Pro League, which begins in November.

“With a heavy heart,” Nocturnal wrote. “As of today, we’re allowed by Team Liquid to field offers for our roster. We’re entertaining all offers be it solo or as whole. We have control over our pro league spot and we’re hungrier than ever.”

The news may seem odd to Liquid fans, considering the roster has been performing incredibly well lately. They earned $24,000 for a 12th-place finish at the recent Raleigh Championship LAN. Just a couple of months before that, they won $150,000 for a second-place finish at the Stockholm LAN, outcompeting many of the best Apex teams in the world. Liquid is also one of the few professional organizations to have a banner frame in-game.

The news seemed to come as a surprise to the team as well, who were playing in tournaments as recently as yesterday, with a second-place finish in a weekly Esports Arena event.

Liquid’s coach, Haris “Hodsic” Hodzic, also sought new employment, noting in his own Twitter announcement that the team is “one of the most consistent rosters in the scene.” So far, there is no indication whether Liquid intends to leave the Apex scene for now or sign another team.

Just an hour before Nocturnal announced the news, he wrote on Twitter: “Today might make it into the top 3 worst days of my life so far.”