Shroud says that Apex Legends’ solo mode will not be as successful as people think

Shroud doesn't have much hope for Apex's solo mode.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There has been plenty of buzz surrounding Apex Legends‘ newest solos game mode, and yet Michael “shroud” Grzesiak thinks that it won’t be as successful as many fans think it will be.

The former Counter-Strike pro and popular streamer explained his thought process as to why Apex‘s solo playlist will flop, saying that one of the biggest concerns of the mode is how character abilities will be balanced in comparison to group play.

“Chances are, they’re not going to [balance character abilities], which is why the game isn’t going to be very good in solos,” Shroud said on stream. “I think it will come out for a limited time for two weeks, people are going to try it, [and] they’re going to hate it. Then [Respawn] will pull it and they probably won’t do it again.”

The whole problem with solos is that the game is built for three-player team play—there are too many mechanics that aren’t useful for solo queue at all and a big part of Apex is your ability to work together with a variety of different legends.

This is why Respawn Entertainment would have to rebalance and change the game entirely for the mode to work, but it is unlikely that Respawn does this. You can try out solos when the mode begins on Tuesday, Aug. 13.