Shroud claims that the Flatline “sucks” in Apex Legends

He thinks the gun simply isn't up to par.

Image via shroud

Popular streamer and one of the greatest FPS players of all time Michael “shroud” Grzesiek criticized the Flatline, an assault rifle in Apex Legends, claiming it “fucking sucks.”

After having a few inconsistencies in his aiming, shroud explained on his stream why the Flatline isn’t up to par.

Shroud struggled several times to hit moving targets from far away. After missing almost an entire clip with the Flatline, shroud took out his Scout sniper to finish the target off.

“Speed up the fucking bullet travel on the Flatline, please,” shroud said.

The Flatline’s bullet travel time is a lot slower than other guns, according to the former CS:GO pro. This forces players to aim ahead of the target, hoping the bullet will reach in time.

Earlier in the stream, shroud said that the assault rifle’s recoil is too debilitating.

“The recoil on the Flatline is still so rough,” shroud said. The streamer believes that it should only be used at close range because it’s too hard to use from long distances.

Despite shroud’s strong critique, he continued to use the rifle over several games in his stream, eagerly picking up a gold Flatline after his teammate called it out.

You can watch shroud stream daily on his Twitch channel.