Respawn unleashes ban hammer on high-rank Apex players using exploit to farm Bronze lobbies


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Over 400 players will have difficulty signing in to Apex Legends today.

Respawn’s Conor “Hideouts” Ford informed the community today that 419 players ranked Diamond and above have been banned for abusing an exploit. These players were able to hop into Bronze lobbies and take advantage of lower-rank players to farm RP.

“Enjoy watching Season 7 from the sidelines,” Hideouts said.

It’s unclear exactly how this exploit works. But one player posted a video in September showcasing a way to join a friend’s lobby and ignore the huge gap in rank.

For the exploit to work, one player has to be readied up in a lobby by themselves. The other then goes to their friends list and immediately hits the “join” button, followed by spamming the ready button (triangle on the PlayStation 4). When performing this exploit, the Bronze player was able to party up with their Platinum friend.

“This is for entertainment purposes only,” the player said. “If you guys do do this and get banned, it’s not my fault.”

Even though players are getting banned for the exploit, it might not have been patched out yet. Since Respawn is well aware of it, however, players should avoid reproducing it.