Respawn to fix bug with Monster promo codes on Steam on Sept. 14

The collaboration between Apex and Monster isn't off to a great start.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment acknowledged a bug with the redemption of Apex Legends‘ promo codes on Steam today. The official announcement advises players to “hang onto your codes” if they ran into trouble and confirmed that a fix will launch on a patch on Sept. 14.

The promo codes are for Apex‘s collaboration with popular energy drink brand Monster, which lets players earn a plethora of rewards as they buy cans of the drink and redeem codes. The promotion officially kicked off on Sept. 1.

Respawn said that a fix will come on Sept. 14 alongside a patch, though it’s unclear what measures the company will take for players already affected by the issue.

The collaboration between Apex and Monster kicked off this month, awarding players with exclusive in-game items after submitting receipts of valid purchases of Monster energy drinks. They can earn a slew of cosmetics based on how many cans of Monster they’ve bought, including a multi-level badge a gun charm, a Holo-Spray, and Rare skins for Octane, Wraith, and the Volt SMG. Twelve Battle Pass levels are also up for grabs for players who buy 60 cans.

The first reward, a banner badge, unlocks after redeeming the code for your first can. Rewards increase every five new cans since, with cosmetics every 10 cans, starting with the Volt. This means that players who are looking to grab all of the exclusive items must buy 50 cans, though the promotion caps out at 60 with two more Battle Pass levels. Players who are looking for more information on the collaboration can look at the full rewards track on the official website.