Respawn ships fixes for unready bug, more issues in Apex Legends

Hopefully, these bugs are a thing of the past.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Heading into season 11 of Apex Legends, many players have been tempering their excitement for new legend Ash and a potential new battle royale map due to the numerous bugs still plaguing the game.

Even after the rather disastrous launch for the Evolution event, which made the game nearly unplayable for almost a week, players were still having issues with game crashes and the game unready-ing players in the lobby. But today, Respawn addressed those bugs with a quality-of-life update.

The update aims to fix a whole host of bugs and game issues in Apex. Of highest interest to most players, however, are a fix for the unready bug, as well as fixes to animated banner poses causing players’ games to crash. Players voiced their frustrations with these two issues repeatedly over the last month or so and many hope this new patch will address those concerns.

Today’s update also includes fixes to various other bugs in the game, such as the silent respawn ships, various character-specific bugs, and overall protection against DoS attacks. 

With season 11 arriving in just a few weeks, replete with a new character, potentially a new map, and the new season of the Apex Legends Global Series just beginning, game stability at launch is a major point of scrutiny. Given the game’s struggles in the latter half of season 10, Escape could either be a fresh start or a continued downward trend. But with the fixes in this update, players will hope it’s the former when the new season launches on Nov. 2