Respawn pushes another fix for Loba’s translocator in Apex

Hopefully the high society thief can teleport again.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ translocating thief could be back to teleporting her way through the Apex Games. Respawn pushed out another fix to her tactical skill last night, which can fail in several spots on World’s Edge.

The company sent out a fix for some issues with Loba's teleport on July 7 but admitted that “there are still some known cases” of the error. The latest patch could have fixed Loba's teleport on World's Edge or at least reduce the frequency of the glitch.

The unintended interaction causes Loba's translocator to fail in some legitimate points of World's Edge. Players can send out her bracelet in a valid trajectory, but it may fail in mid-air in some spots. Design director Jason McCord explained the reasons behind the bug last week.

Both maps have their own out-of-bounds triggers on cliffs and some hard-to-reach places “to stop players from staying up there," McCord said. Reaching one of those spots will display the classic “return to the battle” message and a 30-second countdown.

If Loba's translocator lands on one of the triggers, the ability fails. “That's expected behavior,” McCord said. The Lost Treasures patch, however, introduced a bug that causes her bracelet to fall more often—but only on World's Edge.

Some triggers in World's Edge were done differently than Kings Canyon. “So now, her bracelet flies out, touches these grouped triggers while in flight, and it counts as a fail,” McCord said. “Usually, it would have to land in a trigger to fail.”

The hotfix also addressed a bug that allowed Wraith to use her weapons while in the Void, a recurring issue with the legend. Players have found different ways to access guns when phased and Respawn has patched each one out.