Respawn “looking into” Apex Legends bug preventing Crypto’s drone from detecting players using Rampart’s minigun

Season Six kicked off last night.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It seems Sheila is causing some trouble in the Outlands.

With Apex Legends‘ sixth season less than a day old, it appears developers are still working through some hiccups. Respawn explained it’s “looking into” a bug that doesn’t allow Crypto’s drone to properly spot enemies using Sheila, Rampart’s minigun. 

One player encountered the bug earlier today, posting a picture of the frustrating issue on Reddit. Even though Crypto’s drone appears to pick up Rampart’s Amped Cover, legends mounted on Sheila are not detected. This can prove troublesome for Crypto players who either can’t see an enemy or can’t warn their teammates of the threat.

r/apexlegends - Crypto drone doesn't detect when someome is using the turret
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It’s unclear how long until a fix will be deployed. But with the bug catching Respawn’s attention, it likely won’t be long.

The company is also aware of another glitch that causes an error for players who shoot through the top part of Rampart’s wall. This is likely alluding to a bug posted by an Apex fan earlier today where they disconnected after shooting through two Amped Covers.

Shooting through two back-to-back walls should typically destroy the further one, preventing players from gaining an amped bonus twice. But an error that disconnects players instead if affecting some regions.

Respawn says “more updates” are to come once it gets closer to solving the issues.