Pittsburgh Knights signs 2 new Apex Legends rosters

Gold Knights and Black Knights take center stage.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Pittsburgh Knights has expanded its ranks by acquiring two brand-new Apex Legends rosters—a North American team, named Gold Knights, and a European squad, called Black Knights.

Gold Knights features Haris “Hodsic” Hodzic, Samuel “zaphehe” Lohi, and Tyler “Sickks” Clark, three players who each have a keen background in competitive gaming. “Apex grabbed me instantly with its really fast paced movement, rewarding gun play, and different characters with abilities,” Hodsic said. “The game has a lot of depth for outplaying your opponent, and that feeling never gets old.”

Black Knights, on the other hand, includes Davy “Forcie” Buijtenhek, Kevin “LCKWD” Vellinga, and Samuel “Maverick” Cline. The British and Dutch trio have played together for almost a year and are exceptionally experienced in the battle royale genre. LCKWD and Maverick competed in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds European League Qualifiers, landing a top five finish. The team is now eager to perform in the Apex competitive circuit.

“As this game continues to grow, we really wanted to get the best of both worlds—both regions—so that’s why we wanted to do an NA and EU team,” said Pittsburgh Knights director of operations Jonathan Oh.

The Pittsburgh Knights’ ultimate goal is to become the top team in North America and Europe. It’s a long stretch, but the organization hopes to dominate the scene and make a name for itself in Apex.

“Ever since this game [Apex] debuted it’s taken the gaming world by storm,” said Pittsburgh Knights president James O’Connor. “Battle royales make for exciting and engaging gaming. We appreciate the time and attention the game developer put into Apex and we wanted to support this title.”