Peacekeeper returns to floor loot, Triple Take moves to care package in Apex Legends’ Legacy update

An old favorite returns.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans will finally get their hands on the Peacekeeper shotgun as floor loot in the Legacy update for the first time in nearly a year. The Triple Take, on the other hand, is moving to the care package, Respawn developers told Dot Esports.

The main goal behind the change was to “give people back the Peacekeeper,” according to game designer Eric Canavese. “It’s been locked away for a really long time and we just want to see it back in play and have people get to use it again.”

The Peacekeeper has been one of the most iconic weapons in Apex since its launch. After a series of balancing adjustments, however, the shotgun moved to care package territory during season five and has stayed there since—at least until the Legacy update.

Taking out one weapon from care packages usually means that another one should take its place. In this case, the Triple Take is moving into crate loot to give other weapons more room to shine.

“The Triple Take is an incredibly powerful weapon, it’s used at multiple different ranges, it’s an all-round awesome weapon, and for that reason we see a lot of it in place,” Canavese said. “Getting it into the care package will allow other weapons to start rising up to take its place.”

Of course, the shift in care package weapons means balancing adjustments are coming for the two guns. The Triple Take will have increased fire rate and retain its charge for longer, according to Canavese, while the Peacekeeper is getting hit with some nerfs. The move to floor loot will drop the Peacekeeper’s pellet damage and retain its charge for less time after players stop aiming down sights. The shotgun, however, will come with a built-in Precision Choke hop-up.

Apex‘s new season, Legacy, is scheduled to release on May 4 and will bring the Peacekeeper back into ground loot, as well as the new legend Valkyrie, the anticipated Arenas mode, and an overhauled Olympus.