NRG aceu taken out by speed hacker in Apex Legends ranked queues

Other players have reported this type of hacking, too.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It appears a new form of hacking has made its way into Apex Legends’ ranked queues.

NRG Esports’ Brandon “aceu” Winn encountered a cheater in an Apex Predator ranked game during his Twitch broadcast yesterday. The hacks appeared to combine several forms of unfair gameplay, including speed hacks, aim-botting, fast healing, and fast reloading.

After aceu and his squad were taken out, the Apex pro spectated the hacker’s gameplay and discovered a blatant form of cheating.

Not only was the hacker able to fly across the map at lightning speed, but their aim was perfect and they were able to reload their gun in less than a second. When the hacker’s shield was finally shot down, they were able to instantly replenish it with shield cells, too.

Fortnite pro FaZe Jason “Tennp0” Wang encountered the same hackers last night.

Respawn hasn’t publicly addressed the issue yet. But with enough reports, the culprits will likely be banned soon.

Since Apex is a free game, banned players can easily make another account and continue hacking. Respawn has previously taken precautions to combat cheating by requiring Two-factor authentication, improving detection for new spam accounts and matching detected cheaters together. Judging by the company’s efforts to quell cheating, this new form of hacking will likely be on Respawn’s radar.