Ninja experiences his first ‘kidnapping’ in Apex Legends

Sometimes you have to appreciate an amazing play.

Photo via Red Bull

Popular streamer Ninja encountered a talented enemy Wraith recently who managed to kidnap him with their ultimate ability, leading Ninja into a trap.

Wraith is an excellent choice in Apex Legends with a well-rounded ability set that’s fun and exciting to use. Players have mastered the art of outmaneuvering and surprising enemies with Wraith, but she can also escape if necessary at a moment’s notice. One of the most interesting and entertaining strategies Wraith players have created is kidnapping players with her Dimensional Rift ability. 

Ninja experienced this tactic firsthand in a recent Apex game. Ninja and his team were engaging an enemy squad on top of a crane when one of the players jumped down toward them. Ninja retreated toward his teammates, but what he didn’t know was the enemy Wraith had other plans. 

The Wraith player used their Dimensional Rift ability to transport Ninja onto the crane, where their teammates were waiting. Ninja put up a fight but couldn’t take on the entire team at once, resulting in a hilarious death. While some players would be upset with this turn of events, Ninja took it in stride and claimed it was the “coolest shit” he’d ever seen. 

This tactic is tough to pull off and can go wrong if you can’t kidnap the enemy player, so be careful when trying to recreate it. But if you do manage to kidnap a player, it’s worth the trouble and risk.