New Apex Legends Evolving Armor leaked

The armor’s mechanic will encourage aggressive gameplay.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Voidwalker event brought tons of new content and hidden files for data miners to look through this week. One data miner leaked a new type of armor that could be coming to Kings Canyon.

Popular data miner The Gaming Merchant released a video today that covers all of the leaks revealed from the Voidwalker patch so far. One of the more interesting revelations was the new Evolving Armor.

The data miner said that the Evolving Armor is a body shield that gets stronger as you get more kills. When you first pick up the armor, it starts off as a level one body shield that absorbs 150 damage. The level two armor absorbs 175 damage, and when it’s fully evolved at level four, it’ll likely give you 225 total health.

“This is kind of insane,” The Gaming Merchant said. “It will encourage players to push hard if they have this armor. We don’t know how many kills you’ll need to fully evolve it but… it would really encourage players to play aggressive with it.”

The data miner also wonders if the Evolving Armor will go back to level one if you pick it up from somebody’s death box.

With Ranked mode and the current defensive meta in place (thanks, Wattson), an item like this could greatly alter Apex gameplay.

A release date for the Evolving Armor hasn’t been revealed and Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information.