Loba’s P2020 skin may come to Apex Legends, according to data miner

It's the gun she uses in the trailers.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends introduced Loba with her unique weapon, a modified P2020. And players may soon be able to use it in-game. A data miner uncovered the model for the weapon, with heavy indications that it could come as part of an upcoming summer sale.

Shrugtal, one of Apex‘s most prolific data miners, shared the model of the weapon today. The gun is Loba’s personal P2020 and made an appearance in the season five launch trailer when Loba pointed it at Revenant.

The gun has been customized to be a fitting weapon for the best thief in the Outlands. The skin is predominantly white with a gray barrel filled with engravings. The grip has the etching of a wolf, which is also part of the inlays in the barrel. And the chamber has the word “Loba” etched in cursive on the top.

Loba’s P2020 drew the attention of fans when she made her debut. Although it wasn’t released as an original skin, the cosmetic may make its way to Apex soon. Shrugtal mentions a “Summer Sale,” reportedly an upcoming rotation of store items that could contain rare skins—potentially including Wraith’s infamous Voidwalker limited-time cosmetic.

The P2020 is a fitting choice for Loba’s weapon. It’s easy to conceal, which fits with her cat burglar theme, but it also played a role in her origin story. Revenant used a P2020 to murder her parents in the Assimilation launch trailer and kicked off Loba’s pursuit for revenge against the simulacrum, which led her straight into the Apex Games.

Respawn hasn’t officially revealed the Summer Sale that’s reportedly coming to the store, but data miners speculate it’ll be an assortment of bundles—sets of skins sold at a significant discount. Its deployment date is also unclear.