Loba player accidentally teleports on top of Octane jump pad and flies off map in Apex Legends

You hate to see it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player was subject to a series of unfortunate events last night—and it’s hilarious.

The Loba player showcased an ill-placed Burglar’s Best Friend that led them to by skyrocketed off Kings Canyon, posting the hysterical video yesterday.

While looting a supply crate, the player heard enemies flying overhead beelining straight in their direction. To catch up to their teammates and escape the looming threat, the Loba player threw their Jump Drive bracelet to reposition. What was on the other end of the teleport, however, was unexpected.

“Barely got the drive off and was feeling pretty dang good about my placement then the game had other plans,” the player said.

The bracelet landed on an enemy Octane’s Launch Pad, translocating the Loba to their demise. The jump pad launched the player off the map, slinging them into the rocky depths below.

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Unlucky jump pads aside, Loba’s kit is refreshing and has the potential to shift the meta. The High Society Thief offers great utility by helping allies secure top-tier loot and can set up flanks on unsuspecting opponents.

Apex season five kicked off on May 12, introducing a new legend and major changes to Kings Canyon.